I’m running for Governor because next year’s election is critical for the future of our state, and I am the Democrat best able to take on – and beat – Larry Hogan, and to put Maryland back on track.

From education to transportation, to economic development to the environment, Hogan has failed the people of Maryland. And when it comes to holding Donald Trump accountable for the damage being done to our country and our state, Hogan is silent. I will not be.

Over the next weeks and months, I’ll be talking to people all over the state about our progressive plans to ensure a prosperous, healthy and strong future for all Marylanders.

Because of my experience – the experience of fighting for what’s right for Maryland every day for the last 15 years, I am confident I am the best-prepared person to lead our party to victory in 2018, and to lead our state to prosperity over the next decade.

We need a governor who fights for the important policies we need not just for the next two years or four years, but for the next 20 to 40 years.

Maryland can be what America should aspire to be: a community – a great, diverse, prosperous, welcoming community that celebrates our differences and works together for the good of our families and our neighbors.

We’re in the early stages of building our campaign for a long, hard, very important race. I hope you’ll visit often as the campaign grows to learn more, and please use the sign-up form to hear from me and the campaign as we travel around our state.

Thanks so much,





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